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A group, under the umbrella of Progressives Volunteers For Tinubu/Shettima, yesterday, advised Nigerians to shun ethnicity and religion as parameters for voting for their choice of presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections.

In a statement signed by its Ogun State Coordinator, Deji Ogundimu, the group said one of the ways to have a new Nigeria was to support Tinubu’s ambition to emerge as the next president.

He advised Nigerians to vote for candidates based on competence and not tribal and religious sentiments, saying that Tinubu did not appoint his running mate, Kashim Shettima, based on religion or ethnicity but competence in leadership.

“It is rather unfortunate, maybe, I would say due to the level of illiteracy and poverty in Nigeria that illiteracy has been weaponized to a large extent because the issue of religion is beginning to become a big issue in recent times.

“Many things have been used by the political class to divide Nigerians for them not to have a straight thought on how to address basic issues, which will move us forward than what would keep us down.

“Religious sentiment is what you just raised now and it is rather unfortunate that it is becoming more prominent in our political atmosphere today, religion in Nigeria today has become something that

is very sensitive to a very large extent.

“Why is everybody much more interested in the candidacy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we have other presidential candidates, if it is not going to work, the APC would not decide to go that way and they kept appealing to Nigerians to make informed decisions when they are casting their votes come 2023 and shun emotional sentiments,” Ogundimu said.

Speaking on ethnicity, the state coordinator of the group said, “If we revisit my opening remark, we would see that the issue of ethnicity; Yoruba, Biafra, and Arewa that is becoming an issue in Nigeria of today, just as a result of those issues that I mentioned,

“I do not want to outrightly support that, it is still part of the sentiment, which has been weaved up by the inefficiency of the current system that we are running, which I believe and resources will do a lot of changes in re-writing the wrong we are currently asking for personality change.

“Some say you should be a good leader very well, there is no way you can identify a good leader. A good leader can only be in office and deliberately performed by the system that he or she meets on the ground.”