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A prominent stakeholder of Agulu community and chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance Party-APGA, High Chief Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu, Igwe APGA) has criticized the Labour Party Senatorial Candidate for Anambra Central, Mr. Victor Umeh, describing him as a traitor, hypocrite, and money-monger.

Recall that Victor Umeh, former national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) had  lost his bid to return to the Senate.

Mr Umeh lost the APGA Senatorial ticket for Anambra Central to Dozie Nwankwo, member representing Anaocha/Dunukofia/Njikoka Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives. The primary which was conducted in Awka saw Mr Nwankwo win the election with a total of 162 votes ahead of Mr Umeh who had 151 votes.

The development later led to the defection of Umeh to the Labour Party and thus the flag bearer of the party for the Anambra Central senatorial elections in 2023.

However Ben Obi statesman who spoke to Arisenews.ng recently during a session with him at his Agulu home town lambasted the former National Chairman of APGA, who, upon losing the Senatorial ticket of the party, jumped to LP to buy the party’s ticket with money stolen from Anambra State and APGA, hoping to ride on the bandwagon of Peter Obi to the Senate.

High Chief Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu, Igwe APGA) described the mission as futile and a mere hallucination from the expired political traitor and money monger, who has nothing good to attach to his name aside from his gross criminality, treachery, blackmail, and obtaining by false representation.

Mbuze lampooned Umeh for daring to criticize Governor Charles Soludo, whom Umeh has continued to blackmail and accuse of being responsible for his failure to clinch the APGA Senatorial ticket. He warned him to desist from the name-dropping of Professor Soludo and rather blame his failure and political crisis on Karma and the consequences of his many criminalities over the years with the name and image of APGA and Ojukwu.

“Umeh has reached the crescendo of his political opportunity and past events have come to haunt him.”

Victor Umeh lacks the moral justification to accuse Governor Soludo or Chief Victor Oye of betrayal when he is the ringleader of betrayal and treachery. He was responsible for the millions of naira in exchange for party tickets in APGA and even beyond that, when he was the National Chairman of APGA. What he is today accusing others of were his ugly legacies in the party and he should instead take full responsibility for them. “

Umeh should tell Ndi Anambra the business that made him a billionaire overnight; where he got the money that he used to acquire zoo estate in Enugu; buy mansions in the United States of America; and in choice areas of Abuja and Lagos. “Who was Umeh before Chekwas Okorie brought him into APGA as an errand boy?”

“Umeh is a criminal who should be in EFCC custody and not on television channels spewing trash and accusations when he is the exact criminal.”

Chief Ben Obi went further to challenge Victor Umeh to produce his tax clearance that enabled him to own choice properties in America, Abuja, Enugu State and other choice cities within and outside Nigeria.

The elder statesman called for the probe of Victor Umeh by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission and promised to tender all documents for evidence.

“He is a thief and a money monger who would sell his mother for any amount of money.”

It was the same Victor Umeh, as National Chairman of the APGA, who accepted bribes from a few people to aid in the impeachment of Peter Obi as Governor and then proceeded to doctor court cases in order to obtain money from the same Peter Obi when he was reinstated.

In Umeh’s tenure as APGA National Chairman, the worst criminal transactions for tickets in the history of the party were witnessed. It’s unfortunate that the seed of evil he sowed in APGA came back to haunt him, and he left the party after years of claiming that Ojukwu bequeathed APGA to him and crying beside the grave of the Igbo warlord and eternal leader.

It was this same Victor Umeh who was everywhere talking down against Peter Obi when he fell out with Governor Willie Obiano. Today, the same Victor Umeh is going round again abusing Willie Obiano on national television, calling him a monumental failure. He has also attacked Governor Soludo for refusing to pay his fifty million naira request like other governors did. We know that if Governor Soludo had fallen for his voodoo and continued the payment of 50 million per month, even if Umeh was fed with faeces, he would remain in APGA. He is for sale at any cost. Such a character shouldn’t be seen anywhere near the leadership in this country.

Peter Obi’s association with Umeh has become an albatross, causing concern among many Anambra and Agulu indigenes. Victor Umeh is a bad sale and not welcome around Peter Obi. His sudden reunion with Peter Obi has stirred concerns over Peter’s integrity, credibility, and character.

Victor Umeh should be told in no uncertain terms that Anambra State is sick of him and cannot wait to vote him out in 2023. Those who rejected him at the APGA primary will again reject him at the polls. He is not a serious candidate for the Anambra central senatorial election and will be humiliated for the third time straight. Instead of contesting an election he will lose woefully, he should prepare to face charges from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for gross criminality and fraud.

The same Umeh has had an opportunity in the Senate. He has no visible or verifiable achievements to his name. Umeh is a bad market that nobody wants to buy; a huge liability. Chief Ben Obi (Igwe APGA) concluded.

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