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Weeks after the factional Presidential Candidate and founder of All Progressives Grand Alliance Party, APGA, Chief Chekwas Okorie made a public presentation of his book, the Odyssey of courage in Nation building where he narrated his ordeal in the hands of Victor Umeh whom he said stabbed him in the back with same sword he gave him to hold in trust.

Okorie who spoke to selected journalists at his Enugu home during the weekend addressed some questions about ndi Igbo and APGA party.

Okorie founded APGA in 2002 from a meeting of concerned Igbo leaders of thought which would later metamorphose into what is today APGA party to give ndi Igbo a political front, but he said that a Trojan horse, a deadly virus hijacked the effort and destroyed the vision.

“I brought Victor Umeh into APGA, he was a poor struggling surveyor then in Enugu who regularly come around for tips, out of love for brotherhood, I brought him into the APGA project and subsequently made him the acting Treasurer of the party, perhaps he looked a bit proactive. What did he pay me back with? Betrayal and treachery”.

I suffered terribly and watched the dream I had manipulated by another who was a total stranger to the process.

Okorie narrated how Victor Umeh turned the APGA party to conduit pipe and money printing machine and made it an Anambra State party, that only those from Anambra would be the National Chairman of the party.

Virus Umeh started the criminality which APGA is today known for, he programmed APGA both as his Automated teller machine and a conduit pipe for financial transactions in the name of party politics. Umeh murdered the dream of APGA and sent away prominent Igbo Sons and daughters just to make APGA his industry, today he has left the party to turn a bee and criminal alliance with Mr. Peter Obi in Labour Party perhaps to continue in his deceit and potential fraud.

I really feel for my friend Mr. Peter Obi who has allowed himself to become a victim of the Trojan horse and deadly malware Victor Umeh to associate with him on his project, Umeh will destroy all the goodwill people would have had for Obi. He is a potential threat to any organization.

Umeh has No known job or business except for career politics, his nemesis caught up with him in APGA and he felt shortchanged by the same criminality he brought into APGA, now he’s on a desperate mission to reclaim Anambra State from APGA through Labour with the recent popularity of Obi.

No Igbo son or daughter will take Peter Obi seriously with a character like Umeh around him. His criminality in APGA targeted mainly Igbo youths and prominent others who would never identify with Umeh on anything again; No matter the effort of Peter Obi in Labour, ndi Igbo cannot allow themselves become victims again in the hand of Victor Umeh, the Labour Party will most likely not win any State in South East.

Chief Okorie said he spoke to Soludo as well to watch his back and protect his seat, that Umeh is not campaigning for Peter Obi to win Presidency, he knows he cannot win, instead Umeh mission to return to the Anambra Government house with Labour Party and Peter Obi popularity. Umeh is not happy that the 30 million naira being paid to him monthly by previous APGA administration is not feasible with Soludo, because he left the party to join Peter with criminal intentions in the Labour Party.

Okorie said nothing good can ever come out of Victor Umeh. Soon, he will create a division in the Labour Party to take control of the party and make it an Anambra State affair.

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