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President Muhammadu Buhari has been slammed for failing to arrest and prosecute the Chief of Army Staff and the Inspector General of Police over the invasion of Kuje Correctional Centre, killings and kidnappings by the terrorists in Abuja and across the North West.

Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, said that President Buhari’s resolve to appoint only Muslim Fulanis to head the country’s security architecture and institutions have worsened the security situation of the country.

HURIWA said that the President must, without further delay, sack, arrest and try all those in charge of security services in the country, describing them as saboteurs.

Addressing pressmen in Abuja on Monday, the national Coordinator of the human rights advocacy group, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko said the Service Chiefs, under whose watch the Kuje Prisons was attacked and terrorists freed, should be treated like coup plotters by the President.

HURIWA wondered why the Service Chiefs, who he accused of sabotaging the national security and having failed to protect Nigerians from rampaging terrorists, have refused to resign honourablly and allow competent and patriotic Nigerians take over such positions.

“Nigerians conferred in you the legitimacy and authority over the territorial space called Nigeria and you surround yourself with persons from your own ethnic nationality – Muslim northerners – to control the country’s entire internal security architectures and institutions and everybody just keeps quiet.

“There’s something entirely wrong with that. Mr President, there’s something wrong with having all the heads of the entire internal security architecture from one religious affiliation and from one section of the country.

“Mr. President, you have to change the demography of the entire security architecture. This is the reason the country is collapsing and nothing is being done.

“A Federal High Court made a far-reaching decision to declare a certain non-state actors as terrorists and the Federal Government has the wherewithal, the weapons that they have, having served this country for more than seven years, controlling all the revenues generated. Nigeria is not broke.

“Nigeria is rich with so many resources. So the Federal government cannot tell us that the country does not have a enough resource to wage war against these terrorists.

“The reason they’re not doing that is because the people who are formenting these crisis and violence are from their own section of the country and all the heads of the security institutions are from the Muslim North…the people are even afraid that the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is about to be kidnapped. It’s an insult. A shame that terrorists are even threatening to kidnap the President.

“It’s a shame to everyone who calls himself a Nigerian. The people responsible for this insecurity are government officials. We have said it before, the President should appoint persons to head the entire internal security institutions from different parts of the country. Nigeria is not just composed of Muslim Fulani.

“The President must be a statesman. He must remove, not just remove, but arrest all the heads of internal security institutions because they’re saboteurs. They have sabotaged the national security of Nigeria. The people who allowed the terrorists to invade, break into Kuje prisons and free terrorists are saboteurs.

“They’re like coup plotters. The President was supposed to have arrested them by now and set up a tribunal to try them. If I am the Chief of Army Staff or the Inspector General of Police, I have no reason not to protect Nigeria. The day you fail to protect Nigerians, you have to resign. You’re no longer competent,” Onwubiko declared.

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