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Victor Umeh was Mr. Peter Obi man Friday when they were in APGA, what Umeh doesn’t know about Obi, I doubt if anyone else would be privy to that. 

When Peter Obi handed over to Willie Obiano in 2014, Victor Umeh was part and parcel of all that took place. Umeh knows Obi much more than many of us and can only tell when Obi tells a lie or says the truth.

A few years back, Victor Umeh organized a press briefing in Awka to deflect the lies told by his man Friday, Peter Obi. In the press briefing which was captured by both national and local media, Victor Umeh cleared the air on the 75 billion naira Peter Obi claimed he handed over to Willie Obiano.

According to Victor Umeh, he called Peter Obi a liar, a criminal and a blackmailer and was quoted as saying that Peter Obi only left a debt of 185 billion naira.

Let’s listen to Victor Umeh account on the ₦75 Billion: 

The former national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Victor Umeh, has said claims by the former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi, that he left N75 billion in the state coffers for his successor are untrue. 

Mr. Umeh, who spoke to journalists in Awka on Friday, said he was present when Mr. Obi handed over to Governor Willie Obiano and there was no mention of money left for the new governor. 

Peter Obi accumulated N185 billion debt which was left for the Willie Obiano administration. Two weeks before handing over, he signed over 6,000 workers and said money has been set aside, where? 

“That’s why I am here to set the records straight. The day Obiano was sworn in, I followed him to the governor’s lodge and Obi in his handover note didn’t leave any N75 billion.

“We have heard Peter Obi said that Obiano has not done anything in Anambra State, That’s a lie. Obiano has performed better than Peter Obi already.”

Victor Umeh went further to confirm that Peter Obi is a liar and a criminal who is synonymous with inconsistency. Let’s hear him further. 

Peter Obi did the same thing to Dame Virgy Etiaba, while he was impeached in 2006. We worked hard to get him back to power, and immediately he returned, the first public speech he made was that Etiaba had squandered the N28 Billion he left behind.

“We tried to stop him from toeing that line, telling him he should be thankful that he has been returned, but he insisted and that became an issue between him and Etiaba for many months. My brother Obi is like that and we know him,”‎ Umeh said.

Those were the words of Victor Umeh about his man Friday, Peter Obi.

Attached below is picture of Victor Umeh leading a street demonstration against Peter Obi calling him “Ekperima”.