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Anthony Joshua will avenge his loss to Oleksandr Usyk via brutal knockout, according to his sparring partner Frazer Clarke.

The British boxing hero, 32, will renew his rivalry with the undefeated Ukrainian in a rematch tonight at the Jeddah Superdome in Saudi Arabia.

In the first fight, Joshua quickly fell behind on the scorecards, although he did have some success in the later rounds despite being wobbled quite badly before losing an unanimous decision.

But according to 2-0 heavyweight Clarke, he can’t afford to make the same mistake again in his career-defining rematch. However, he is still backing his teammate to win in convincing fashion.

Writing in his column for the Metro, Clarke mused: “Some people say AJ needed that change in direction after the defeat last September.

“But we have to remember, everyone is due a bad performance.

“And it is not like that was the worst performance in the world, he just didn’t do enough to win. 

“People have good days and bad days, that’s sport and it is the same with everyone in every walk of life.

“I just think Joshua is the man in control, he is the one doing the fighting and it is down to him now.

“There is only so much everyone can tell him, there is only so much he can be guided.

“When he climbs through those ropes on Saturday night, everything he has done in the last 16 weeks will be with him.

“What is next for AJ beyond this fight? If he wins, there is only one place to go and that is Tyson Fury. I am sure he is at the gym somewhere working away in retirement, waiting for that call.

“I’m a positive person, I’m not even thinking about him losing. Of course, it is not unheard of but I believe AJ will set this right.

“When making predictions, you always have to be careful, going with your head or your heart. But I see AJ win here. 

“I saw the work he has put in over 12 weeks up in Loughborough before heading out for Jeddah. I couldn’t tell you where Usyk is at but from my perspective, I see that AJ wins. But it has to be a stoppage.

“I don’t think trying to win on points is a wise thing to do. I don’t think allowing yourself to fall behind is a wise thing to do because when you are chasing this man, it is really difficult. I am praying for AJ to stop and I think that is what he will deliver on the night.”

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