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The Chairperson, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa has noted that the recent incidents of various cult clashes and crimes committed by Nigerians in Dubai have caused stringent visa accessibility  requirements  for males below 30 years.

She also said that the unfortunate incident of a Nigerian Mr. Alika Ogorchukwu, who was beaten to death in Italy is a priority of the Nigerian Embassy in Italy, stating that the accused must be tried and persecuted accordingly. 

She said this yesterday when she featured on ‘The Morning Show’ on ARISE  News Channel, a THISDAY broadcast station.

On Visa accessibility by Nigerians, she said: “I think a few Nigerians have taken bad behaviour too far and we have to admit and accept that. It is not about profiling or generalisation, it has gone too far. So, what the Dubai authorities have done is they have made their visa processes more stringent. So, if you are below 30, no visa for you if you are male below 30. It is very difficult, they have made it so stringent that you are not likely to fulfill it. It doesn’t matter who you are.”

“Secondly, if you’re looking to Dubai now, you have to provide a six-month bank account, you have to have your return ticket and you must show proof of accommodation and if you lie,  they are going to know and turn you back.”

“So, let’s learn to obey laws of other countries and just do the right things because there are too many good Nigerians in Dubai.”

Also giving an update on Ogochukwu’s case, she noted that the Italian government has been very cooperative and that the Nigerian consulate would not let it go under the carpet.

She added: “In the case of Alika, the autopsy is out and he died of suffocation. A meeting is actually ongoing, just like yesterday with the Nigerian ambassador, and officials with the Italian authorities on the next steps forward. The person is with the police and now the next step is to charge them to court.”

“And as of yesterday, 15,000 euros were actually donated to Alex’s wife. It was a contribution by the Italians, the Nigerian community and everybody rallied around to support this particular course that was really a case of evil wickedness.”

“And the Nigeria Ambassador to Italy is of course demanding that this case must be tried to the logical conclusion. No excuses whatsoever. And the Italian authorities are very cooperative. In fact, they’ve been very, very cooperative, because they all admitted that this really is one death that didn’t need to happen. So, the Nigerian ambassador is on top of the situation.”

“The Nigerian embassy will definitely ensure that this is not a case that will be swept under the carpet,” she said.

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