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ABUJA-President Muhammadu Buhari has budgetted a sum of N1.55 trillion for the military in the 2023 budget.

A breakdown of the appropriation shows that N917.55 billion will be expended on personnel costs; N78.53billion on overhead cost, while the sum of over N297 billion will be spent on capital projects.

For the Ministry of Defence, the sum of over 21 Billion is allocated with N6.23billion earmarked for personnel costs, N1.54billion allocated for overhead and N11.15 billion allocated for capital expenditure.

The Defence headquarters is allocated N80.93billion, with N15.48billion earmarked for personnel costs, N2.15billion for overhead and N3.31billion for capital expenditure. The Nigerian Army is allocated the sum of N580 Billion, with personnel costs taking over N530 Billion; overhead N20.53billion; and capital expenditure, N29.87billion. The Nigerian Navy was allocated N113 Billion, with 108 Billion allocated for personnel costs, N14.24billion for overhead cost and N50.61billion for capital expenditure.

The Nigerian Air Force was allocated a total of N184.77billion, with personnel costs getting N103.78billion; overhead, N15.35billion; and capital expenditure, N65.64billion. The Nigerian Defence Academy is allocated the sum of N21.38billion, with personnel cost gulping N14.74billion; overhead, N3.30billion; and capital expenditure, N9.92billion.

The Nigerian Armed Forces Command and Staff College, AFCSC, is allocated N9.92billion, with personnel costs getting N4.79billion; overhead cost, N3.67billion; and capital expenditure N1.45billion. The National Defence College was allocated N14.37billion, with personnel costs getting N4.44billion; overhead cost, N4.75billion; and capital expenditure, N5.17billion.

The Armed Forces Resettlement Centre, Lagos is allocated N6.27billion, with personnel cost getting N3.93billion; overhead costs, N555.85 million; and capital cost, N1.78billion.

 The Defence Intelligence Agency was allocated N33.30billion, with personnel cost getting over N16 Billion; overhead cost, N5.30billion; and capital cost, N11.90billion. The Defence Industries Corporation, DICON, is allocated N3.55billion, with personnel cost getting N1.41billion; overhead cost, N161.92 million; and capital expenditure, N1.78billion.

For Nigeria’s Defence Missions abroad, the sum of N 22.98 billion was allocated, with personnel cost gulping N15.51billion; overhead cost, over N5 billion; and capital expenditure, N2.83billion.