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Meanwhile, Osodeke has labeled state universities that have resumed lectures nationwide as quacks.

Speaking on universities who have called off strikes such as Kwara state University, Lagos State University (LASU), Osun State University, Ekiti state University and others, he said: “When you are providing data, look at the background. Kwara State University is not a member of ASUU, Osun State University was suspended for its behavior, you can check, LASU you mentioned, we are in court with LASU because they sacked all our executives five years ago so they are not part of this struggle and Ekiti State University’s government has the right to say we have reopened just as it has happened in Gombe State University, Yobe and Kaduna State University.

“So, don’t cite those examples as they are irrelevant. Talk about the issue, is University of Ibadan on strike? Is University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) on strike? Is Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) on strike? Is Bayero University Kano (BUK) on strike? is Maiduguri University on strike and the University of Lagos? Let’s talk about real universities, not those quacks.”

Further reechoing his stance when asked, the ASUU president said, “Yes, they are quarks, go and check.”

Responding to a question on the N10,000 proposed by NAPTAN to help address some of the demands by ASUU, he said: “I want to commend them for looking at other ways of contributing money, but for me, I think what this association should be doing is to tell the government to perform its function.

“They should tell the president to honor its agreement, secondly make education the number one priority of the country and thirdly use the Nigerian people’s money to fund education as it is done in other countries.”

He urged the federal government to increase its budgetary allocation for the education sector

“We can’t be calling ourselves the giant of Africa and we are the worst in education. You see students from Nigeria going to Ghana, Benin Republic, Togo, and other small countries to study but nobody from these countries is coming to Nigeria to study.”

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