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The People’s Democratic Party candidate in the forthcoming 2023 Senatorial elections in Anambra central , Senator Uche Ekwunife Iyom has emphasised the reasons she has invested heavily in educational, human and infrastructure development of her constituents.

Ekwunife who currently represents the zone at the 9th Senate said that through education, the emancipation of the people from lack of human capital development will be achieved.

Ekwunife, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology, also called for increased budgetary allocation to the sector as well as the facilitation of training and retraining of teachers, introduction of technology and ICT to improve standards and practices.

Ekwunife who as so far since 2019 reconstructed,  built and equipped over 30 schools in her district made this known in official social media platform while appraising her recent infrastructure donation to Udoeke Primary School Abagana in Njikoka LGA, in Anambra.

She wrote;

“Udoeke Primary School Abagana in Njikoka LGA is one of the over 30 public schools in Anambra Central Senatorial District that have so far benefitted from our facilitation of educational infrastructure within the past three years of our representation.

“Handing over the completed and fully furnished block of classrooms to the school, I reiterated the need for adequate investment in the education sector.

“For me, prioritizing education means making adequate budgetary allocations for the sector, facilitating training and retraining of teachers, introducing and supporting the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning, providing necessary infrastructure and ensuring strict supervision and implementation of standards and practices – these are essential to achieving academic excellence. 

“On my own part, I will continue to ensure that I leverage the opportunities available to my office to improve the infrastructure in our schools as well as provide the necessary supervision to ensure that those awarded these projects deliver effectively.

“Our children deserve the best possible learning experience, and we will continue to do our possible best to ensure that they get what they deserve!

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