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The desperation by some failing candidates is now becoming more glaring. Most political urchins have turned into lying machines, and wicked tools in the hands of some candidates, lying, concocting innuendos, desperately misinforming the general public, and in the end damaging their reputations, if they have any.

The slang of Ndi Anambra Central Senatorial District “kwechir”i go for Iyom remains On Iyom we stand, come rain or sun! There are those who can’t phantom why the determination of voters in Anambra Central can’t change from Distinguished Senator Uche Ekwunife, “Ifeka Olaedo” to any of their musing candidates.

It’s all a history etched on accomplishments unsurpassed in the history of representation in the District. Iyom has shown that the word can’t do or impossible may be a dictionary acronym, but when it comes to doing the needful for the people, these words don’t exist. On every strata, the shower of accomplishments keeps pouring. From houses to the poor, widows and the invalid, to scholarships, to employments for school leavers and graduates, to empowerments of all kinds to trainings, to personal touches and care to rebuilding dilapidated classrooms to constructing new ones to the attraction of new roads and rehabilitation of existing ones, they are uncountable. As the Yoruba will say; okpoju! I don too much.

So it is sacrilegious for any person to insinuate concocted stories as a way to diminish the popularity of Iyom. The prayers of millions of those “Iyom’s” life and works have touched will not let those propagandists have any headway.

In conclusion, let’s allow the Will of God that has already enveloped Anambra Central Senatorial District to continue. Iyom is now a swan song all over. That’s the way it is.

Okey Kenneth Anozie