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The founding National Chairman and factional Presidential Candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance Party (APGA) , Chekwas Okorie has again chastised Senator Victor Umeh for his political vendetta against Ndi Igbo. 

Chekwas founded APGA in 2002 and served as the first National Chairman before the same Victor Umeh, whom he introduced into the party and appointed as acting Treasurer, hijacked the party’s leadership from him, leading to his removal as both National Chairman and member of the party he founded.

As a result, Chief Chekwas narrated bitterly in his book, The Odyssey of Courage in Nation Building, how the Aguluzigbo-born estate surveyor nearly led him to depression with his coup d’etat against him and other members of the National Working Committee and, as a result, turned the party into a dollar-minting machine, against its original ideology.

Quoting Okorie in a recent statement, “Same Umeh who dumped APGA to become an errand boy to Peter Obi in his desperate quest to relaunch himself back to the Anambra State treasury. This is according to Okorie is alluded to Umeh’s loss of stake in the APGA party and government, where he was “allegedly” to have paid fifty million naira monthly by both Peter Obi and Willie Obiano while they were Governors. 

“According to Okorie, the actual reason Umeh left APGA was Charles Soludo’s refusal to maintain the fifty million naira monthly pay to Victor Umeh, not necessarily because he lost the party’s ticket. If Soludo had accepted to continue the monthly pay of fifty million naira, Umeh would remain in APGA even if he’s being fed with faeces.

He lauded Soludo for the major move in the best interests of Anambra State by overcoming the deadly and acidic virus, Victor Umeh from his administration. 

Chief Chekwas also accused Victor Umeh of orchestrating the feud between Peter Obi and Obiano because of his desire to have absolute control over Willie Obiano and continue profiting from the Anambra State treasury while Obiano was Governor. 

Okorie cautioned Ndi Anambra to be aware of the desperate Victor Umeh, who has no business anywhere in the country other than being a career politician and extortionist.

He said ;

“Umeh has raced to re-join Peter Obi because he sees the latter gaining popularity among the Anambra people. How can Umeh claim to be fighting for an Igbo presidency when he used APGA to enrich himself and defraud countless Igbos across the South East?” That is an irony. 

Umeh’s main objective is to replace APGA with the Labour Party in Anambra State, which is why he is seen everywhere mouthing the Igbo Presidency as if he cares about Igbos. If Umeh was earnest in his push for the Igbo presidency, he should not have opted to run for Senate in APGA and then wait until he lost the ticket before moving to Labour with Peter Obi to start his noise of Igbo Presidency.

Umeh should have been in Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, and other far northern states persuading other Nigerians to support the Igbo Presidency; again, why is he focusing his campaigns solely in Anambra State as if Anambra is enough to make Peter President? The same Umeh who was seen on many occasions kneeling by the grave side of Dim Ojukwu and leading a march-past salute in front of Ojukwu portrait, all that he betrayed. Umeh is simply “FAKE.” He is rather concerned with what would enrich him and his associates.

Chief Chekwas also warned that Peter Obi’s popularity is diminishing and that his ambition is quickly becoming a joke among Nigerians, with Ndi Igbo questioning Peter Obi’s integrity for surrounding himself with Umeh, who told the whole world that Obi was dead politically. 

Recalling Umeh’s disparaging statements against Peter Obi in the past , Okorie narrated how Victor Umeh led countless street protests with a coffin and Peter’s name boldly written on it, calling him a thief; mocking him that Willie Obiano outperformed him as Governor and that he has no legacy project in the State. 

Okorie said; “The pictures and records are still on the internet. However, we cannot trust these two people anymore, as they seem to be living true to the aphorism that birds of the same feather flock together.

The pioneer National Chairman cautioned that ndi Igbo must not allow Victor Umeh to exploit their emotions and vulnerability with the Igbo Presidency, stating that Umeh is not telling the truth, instead, he is using such as a bait to fulfill his desperate and nefarious quest of relaunching his way back to Anambra State treasury.

“Peter Obi and other Igbos are today, political orphans because of Victor Umeh‘s greed and bitter soul; APGA would have been the platform to achieve Igbo Presidency, but Umeh chased away prominent Igbo sons and daughters, including Peter Obi, and turned the party into his inheritance and conduit-pipe.”

“The same Victor Umeh who has been utilizing APGA to scam innocent candidates from Imo, where they nicknamed him “Ohamaonyeoshi” against his name Ohamadike. 

“He continued to commit fraud under the guise of APGA in Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Nasarawa, Jigawa, and many other states. Many of his victims stayed in APGA afterward, but Umeh only lost one party primary and jumped ship quickly, presumably because Soludo, like his predecessors, failed to fulfill his fifty million monthly demands. You can imagine Umeh’s personality and character. OBVIOUSLY, VICTOR UMEH SHALL LABOUR IN VAIN, Chief Okorie was quoted.

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