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The last is yet to be heard of how former Chairman of the All Progressive’s Congress,  Victor Umeh worked assiduously to destabilise and betrayed the trust of the party when he held sway as leader and member of the party.

As revealed by Chief Ben Obi A prominent stakeholder of the party,Umeh, now member of the Labour Party,  made several commitments and took several oaths never to abandon the party of renegade his allegiance to its founder and fmr Leader Lt.Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. 

In an excerpt obtained from a recent interview,  Ben Obi revealed that Ojukwu even in death has continued to query Umeh as result of several oaths he took never to betray his allegiance.

He stated that though Umeh lost woefully but legitimately at the primaries conducted for Senate aspirants, Umeh’s departure from the party has worsened his already moribund political career.

Ben stated ; “The eternal leader of APGA and freedom fighter, has continued to ask me the whereabouts of Victor Umeh since he jumped the APGA ship and couldn’t keep to his promise of standing firming with APGA. 

“Victor Umeh led us to the Enugu home of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to salute him, Umeh swore by his life not to abandon APGA, and to remain in the party to lead the people Ojukwu bequeathed on him, he made this vow before us in front of Ojukwu tomb, but he couldn’t keep to the words and promise he made to the spirit of the Igbo leader. 

“Our leader Dim Ojukwu in a revelation I had, turned around to look for Victor Umeh who vowed to stand firm behind him to lead APGA and ndi Igbo, but could only find me Igwe APGA as the last man standing, he then asked me where is Victor Umeh? 

“The spirit of Dim Ojukwu is not happy with Umeh. Such a person can no longer claim to represent ndi Igbo or Anambra central, Ben Obi Retorted.

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